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Heating Services

We are rated as one of the best plumbers in Danvers MA for plumbing and heating services that include heating and hot water boilers. For boilers that provide both heating and hot water, cast iron construction was the most common. Over the years it has proven to be reliable and durable. Typically venting through a chimney is required. These types of boilers work with natural gas, as well as propane and oil. Total efficiency for these units averages 85 to 87 percent and the efficiency decreases over its lifetime.

Modulating, Condensing, High Efficiency Solo, Heat Only Boilers, and Heating & Hot Water Boilers, also known as a Combi Boiler, usually feature stainless steel construction, and are much more compact, offering significant space savings. Plus, these boilers utilize a direct vent system, so no need to repair or line a chimney. The biggest benefit is simply efficiency. These units offer energy savings in many ways, for example, modulation of gas volume to the burner is one.  Cast Iron Boilers have one output, its either OFF or ON at 100% output. Depending on the brand the high efficiency boilers have the ability to modulate at a minimum of 5:1. Meaning it can run as low as 20% of its output.

For example, think of the windshield wipers in your vehicle. Prior to 1960, like cast iron boilers, wiper motors just had 1 speed. If that speed was too slow compared to rainfall, your vision was be impaired. If the speed was too fast compared to rainfall, your windshield dried and the wipers squeaked. 1969 the intermittent wiper was developed. The ability to have HI, LO and Intermittent settings allowed drivers to adjust the wiper speed based on the rainfall condition. Modulating Boilers are like that in that they are an engineered improvement to an existing basic design.

Another way modulating condensing boilers saving energy is by utilizing outdoor reset / weather compensation technology. Modulating the target boiler temperature based on demand, as the outdoor temperature goes up the boiler temperature goes down, and as the outdoor temperature goes down the boiler temperature goes up. By adjusting the boiler temperature additional savings can be achieved.

The 3:1 Rule explains why temperature modulation is so important. It is said for every three degrees you take off your water temperature you can save up to 1% of fuel. Hence why Radiant Heat is so Efficient. Radiant Heating manufacturers claim to save homeowner 20-30% of the fuel cost. They can achieve these high savings because Radiant design is typically delivering around 100° F water compared to baseboard heat that is designed to deliver 180° F water. So Radiant Heat water temperature is 80 degrees cooler than baseboard, divide that using the 3:1 rule and there is a 26.6% Savings.

Usually the most influential incentive to homeowners to improve their systems performance or efficiency is the MassSave Rebates & 0% Heat Loan Financing Option on Natural Gas Products over 90% AFUE.


Cast Iron Boilers are typically non condensing, atmospheric combustion that is  chimney vented. Can be used with Natural Gas, LP Gas and Oil: efficiency ranges from 85-87%

Cast Iron Boilers


Condensing, Modulating Boilers are commonly more compact, lightweight and space saving than traditional cast iron boilers. Commonly made out of stainless steel and achieve efficiency rating of 95-96% AFUE. Condensing boilers are ideal for natural gas or propane and can be direct vented; no chimney required.

Heat Only Boilers


These condensing modulating boilers are similar in design to the heat only boilers but offer space heating and hot water all in one box. Backed by the industries largest rebates, and cost savings by eliminated gas piping and venting of an additional water heater.

Combi Boilers


You have a lot to gain by upgrading or switching to one of these boilers, especially if you have not been enjoying much in the way of energy costs. If you still have questions or are unsure about anything, please contact us as soon as possible. We'll be glad to answer your questions and try to make decision-making as easy as possible. After all, replacing or upgrading to a boiler system is a major decision that you don't want to make without all the information you need. Once you decide, we are certain you'll be happy with your choice.

There is always a need for plumbing and heat source products that offer greater energy efficiency at a lower cost. Property owners might easily overlook some of the ways they can maximize their energy savings by making changes that could include upgrading an older boiler or using one as a replacement for other systems. You will appreciate your decision to use one of these boilers in the long run. We will be glad to help you find the right one for your needs and provide the professional installation that you expect from such a job.

People who live in older houses can especially benefit from this type of upgrade. In the case of an old home, a previous heater or boiler might be challenging to update to newer energy standards. In these types of cases, a full upgrade might be the best option, and the systems that we offer make it easier for you to make that choice.

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