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Heating and Hot Water Plumber Danvers MA

At Freeman Plumbing; plumbers in Danvers MA, we handle all your heating and hot water needs. As Master Plumbers, licensed and insured license # 15855-M, you have the full assurance that we'll treat your project with the due diligence and care you deserve.

Our plumbers in Danvers MA also provide plumbing and heating services throughout the entire North Shore area. We're a full-service plumbing and heating company that handles everything from water heater repair or replacement, oil to gas conversions, radiant heat system issues or improvements in performance and energy efficiency.

Most homeowners will require a plumber at some point. However, not everyone gives this need much thought before a problem arises. Knowing which plumbing company will suit your needs before you have a significant issue is one of the best ways to make sure you choose the right professional for the job.

When you know who to trust for the job, you will find everything going along a lot more smoothly. The plumbing company that you choose will have the most substantial impact on your satisfaction with the overall job. As master plumbers you can trust us to make sure that we do the job right the first time.


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No matter what the scope of your project, our plumbing services in Danvers are available for all your needs. We want to be your number one choice for plumbing and heating services in Danvers, MA, and the greater North Shore area. From heating with hot water systems to your other plumbing needs, we're happy to help you with all of it.


Our specialties include everything related to heating, as well as hot water. Complete inspections, assessments as well as general maintenance, are just a few of the things that we handle. When we perform radiant or snow melting installations or other heating or plumbing services, you can be sure that we'll give every scope of the project the attention it requires.

Your first step is to let us know what type of service you require. Some of our services include Repair or Replacement of all heating and hot water systems.


  • Cast Iron Boiler Installation, Replacement, Maintenance or Repair

  • High Efficiency Heat Only / Solo Boiler Installation, Replacement, Maintenance or Repair

  • Combi (combination heat and hot water) Boilers Installation, Replacement, Maintenance    or Repair

  • Copper Fin Tube Baseboard, Hot Water Radiator, Hot Water Baseboard Installation, Replacement, Maintenance or Repair 

  • Water Heater Installation, Replacement, Maintenance or Repair

  • Indirect Water Heater Installation, Replacement, Maintenance or Repair

  • Tankless Water Heater Installation, Replacement, Maintenance or Repair

  • Service for all water heating systems, either gas or electric

  • Radiant Heat or Snow, Ice Melting Installation, Replacement, Maintenance and repair. 

  • Installation, Replacement or Repair of all kitchen & bath fixtures, water piping, and whole house water filters

  • Gas fitting, including both natural gas and propane systems

There are a lot of things that could contribute to a need for our services. Maybe your water heater is aging and should be inspected, perhaps it's leaking and requires a need for a water heater replacement. Perhaps your looking for a second opinion or evaluation of an existing system. Heat and hot water systems have maintenance and repair needs that vary depending on the specific manufacturer and their recommendations. The good thing is that our plumbing service is ready to handle all of them.

We're dedicated to making sure you get the help that you need as quickly as possible. Your plumbing need doesn't even have to be one of a more extensive scope since we can handle anything from smaller repairs to larger projects. We give all our customers the same level of care, no matter what their needs.

Because our owner is a Master Plumber, you never have to worry about your home's plumbing needs being in the hands of an amateur. When you use a Master Plumber for your plumbing jobs, you have greater assurance of the job being handled with the utmost care. Experience is the most valuable asset of a Master Plumber at Freeman Plumbing we combine that with superior craftsmanship, proper installations in accordance with the manufacturers recommendation, local codes and generally accepted plumbing practices as well as a better understanding and working knowledge of the most energy-efficient systems that are in high demand.

why you should work with us




Freeman Plumbing has nearly twenty years of experience in the plumbing industry. Installing, and servicing condensing tankless and combi boilers since 2003.

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We are dedicated to providing our customers all the information they need to make an educated decision and can provide various solutions to fit your needs and budget. 

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Freeman Plumbing’s prior experience includes working for the industry’s leading manufacturers in various roles starting from phone tech support to field tech support, then becoming a product manager for new product development, sales and technical training.

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You can trust us to get to work on your project and will guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of workmanship and best in class products provided.



Freeman Plumbing has always promoted the MassSave Rebates and Heatloans as we focus on high efficiency / energy saving installation, service and repair of tankless water heaters, wall hung modulating, and condensing boilers. 



We handle all your plumbing and heating needs, from new installations to annual maintenance and everything in between, you can trust us to meet all your needs each time you work with us.

Plumbing and heating system issues are among a few of the home maintenance tasks that most homeowners will eventually face. Even though larger jobs might seem like they will be a significant burden, having the right professionals on the job will make a substantial difference in the overall outcome. The more satisfactory the finished job, the happier you will be in the long run.

Regardless of whether you have a commonplace need like hot water heater replacement or something more specialized like radiant heat for garage, you will get the same level of dedicated care. You'll know what the job will cost, and what type of time frame will be required for completion. Hot water heater radiators are one example of the kinds of systems that we work with regularly.

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our promise to you

At Freeman Plumbing, we're sure you'll be satisfied with all the services we offer. Our professionals will take great care of your home during one of our jobs, part of the professionalism you can expect from us. We know what your home means to you and will work hard to make sure we take care of everything with total attention during the job.


You never have to worry about us not completing the job as expected or being careless about our handling of the situation. We are confident that you'll be pleased with the job that we do. Freeman Plumbing wants to be the company that you go to for all your heating and plumbing needs, and we work hard to get your trust.

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